My husband and I are renovating our 1965 Dutch Colonial and want you to come along for the ride.  We are normal folks with day jobs & kids (read: major financial constraints) living outside of Washington, DC.  We dreamed & planned for this house for several years and nothing will stop me, I mean us, from making it into our modern farmhouse dream.

I've been working in Washington and Northern Virginia as a Realtor for 9 years and love my job.  As I staged, photographed and marketed countless properties my love of interior design grew.  We moved from our 2 bedroom condo with a 1 year old and another baby on the way.  We spent 2 years in our townhouse and last March made the jump into what I consider our first real home sweet home.  

I've done my best to capture my home renovation adventures on Instagram but, it recently became clear I needed a little more space to express my passion for this topic.  I hope you can learn from my successes and my mistakes.  There are lots of both.  XO!