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It's our approach to living in a home and raising a family.  We try whenever and wherever we can to be mindful of our impact on others and the planet. Here you'll find tips and products that work for us in creating our own mindful home.

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Devol Kitchens & Design Inspiration

Every time I begin a design project I head straight to Pinterest to search for inspiration. I start a board and add photos I like, go back again and remove some that aren’t working anymore. At the end of a few Pinterest sessions I usually have a really good idea of what I want my end product to look like. My conclusion after creating my board is that I am obsessed with the UK company Devol Kitchens.

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From Dream to Reality - How we Picked Our Kitchen Elements

In my previous post I discussed my psycho/stalker obsession with Devol Kitchens from the UK. In my fantasy world I’m actually living in the UK AND have a Devol Kitchen. But, I’m in Alexandria and this kitchen is not currently within my grasp. So we’re gonna compromise. Here’s how.

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Our Kitchen Renovation - Should we do an Addition?

We bought our home 3.5 years ago and I thought we would renovate the kitchen within 6 months of moving in.  Well, that was 3.5 years ago and for a variety of reasons we are just now getting to the...

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