100% Wool Dryer Balls


It's our approach to living in a home and raising a family.  We try whenever and wherever we can to be mindful of our impact on others and the planet. Here you'll find tips and products that work for us in creating our own mindful home.

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Our Kitchen Renovation - Should we do an Addition?

We bought our home 3.5 years ago and I thought we would renovate the kitchen within 6 months of moving in.  Well, that was 3.5 years ago and for a variety of reasons we are just now getting to the...

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Wool Dryer Balls - What are they for and why you need them!

What are wool dryer balls and why do you need them?!  

So what are they?!  Dryer balls are about the size of a tennis ball and are made of 100% wool.  They serve many purposes.  Dryer balls help your clothes dry more quickly by separating your laundry in the dryer, creating more space and therefore more air between the clothes.  This saves time, energy and money over time.

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This room was quite possibly one of the most important to get organized but required digging through a HUGE pile of paperwork.  This pile was actually packed up and moved from our old house where it sat on my desk...

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